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Initial research is one of the most essential stage of ICO project. At this stage, it’s important to understand:

Why do you need to use blockchain?
Why it’s one of the key components of your project?
What role will token play?
How the whole system will work?

We are ready to help you to transform your innovative idea into a full-fledged crypto product.

The process of concept creation implies developing of decentralized architecture, token model and token sale strategy, as well as discussion of any technical issue regarding a successful token sale launch. Then One-Pager and Whitepaper are created in accordance with the standards of crypto industry.

*Data Collection on Project
*The Choice of ICO Strategy and Format
*Whitepaper Development, Finalizing and Approval (2 iteration cycles)
*Identifying and Attracting Advisors

Technical solutions
We take on all technical work on token sale launch. In addition to smart contracts development, verification and testing, we help you to create a flexible, fully operational investor platform solution and integrate it into your website. We provide full range of security services: from smart contract and investor account audit to 24/7 monitoring of your website, public accounts and chats in order to prevent phishing attacks, stealing traffic and other risks.

*Smart Contract Development
*Investor’s Account Development
*Account Assistance
*Wallet Activation
*Server Deployment
*Development of Security Protocols for Protection Against Hacking and DDOS Attacks

We are ready to offer you our great experience in marketing, display advertising and PR.

Marketing service package is important for attracting new audience and increasing awareness of your brand-new product. It's also an absolutely necessity for establishing direct contact with investors in order to make ICO promotion more effective. This is where we use email marketing and our highly targeted investor database.

 We combine traditional tools with our innovative vision and cutting-edge technologies. Our top-quality team of marketing and support specialists, skilled bounty managers will carefully shape and manage your ICO community. We help our clients to achieve the desired capital funding and increase the brand awareness.

*Website Design
*Project’s Own Style and Brand Creation
*Advertising Campaign Planning
*Advertising to The Target Audience (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit)
*Contextually Targeted Advertising and Retargeting in PPC Advertising Systems (Google AdWords)
*Email Marketing Using The Investor Database
*Telegram Marketing

Community management
Looking to carry out an ICO? We offer professional community management services that strengthen investor confidence and maximizes potential investment. In addition to answering questions about your project and token sale, we will also perform quality moderation to ensure that there is strong network effect and positive public sentiment. This ensures long term value even when your token sale is over, through legitimate trust in the project.
*Creation of Campaign’s Key Messages, Media kit, Q&A; (possible questions and answers), Presentations and Media plan
*Q&A; Base Extension Through The Analysis of Communications From The Audience
*Сreation of The Community on Bitcointalk and Its Further Management
*Creation and Formatting of Topics:
  • - making conversations, maintenance of publications and announcements on Bitcointalk, Medium, Telegram (replies to questions, publication of news);
  • - work with comments, feedback, questions, possible negative reactions;
  • - brand’s reputation tracking within social media
*Creation of Accounts on Social Networks and Blog Platforms: Facebook, Twitter,Telegram, Reddit, Medium, Slack, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube (design and content)
*Development, Terms Negotiation, Launch and Further Support of Bounty Campaigns on Bitcointalk
*Promotion Within ICO Trackers Database
*Creation of Positive Image of The Project
Public Relations
It's no surprise that investors and developers often have different goals. As a result, it may be extremely difficult to stay focused on marketing during ICO planning and product development.

ICO-Top ensures coordination of marketing efforts such as Bounty Programs, Investor Relations, Press Releases, Paid Advertising, SEO, etc. We will take care of marketing and PR, while you can focus on what you do best!

*Media PR Support of The Project
*Press Releases

Bounty Management
One of the best ways to attract investors to ICO projects are bounty programs.

We develop a special approach to conducting of your bounty program. Our approach to increasing investor interest to your ICO will ensure the project's maximum success.

We develop bounty services fully adapted to you and designed in conjunction with your goals. Concentrate on what you really need: investor engagement to marketing, PR or even media coverage.

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Post-ICO Support
At the end of our work, we’ll prepare the project for the final handover by recommending suitable participants of your official communities to become volunteer leaders, ensuring that your community will fully alive and ready for the project's next stages.

As an alternative, we are ready to offer long-term arrangements for our CMs.

If you absolutely satisfied with our services and work as a whole - feel free to engage us for your other activities! We'll do our best to help you!

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Your ICO has already started?


Telegram Support 24/7

We trained our agents before the start of our cooperation with you. For each project, team leader and support managers are appointed. They also develop programs for accelerated training of your future employees, the number of which will grow as the project expands. Raise your customer service to a new level while saving time. 

What you will get:


Well-qualified editors and managers who will work on your project;

Individual attention:

We’ll carry out staff training by ourselves;

24 hours a day:

24/7 all set operation.


Advertising in groups

ICO-TOP is a leading community about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The audience of our channels and groups in Telegram is more than 80,000 people, from more than 20 countries, speaking 4 leading languages.

From the beginning, we tried to attract only the target audience, today we are a NEWS Center for many crypto enthusiasts around the world!

The interest of our audience can be showed by the activity of our groups.

We only advertise specialized projects, among which can be:

Companies and ICO
Courses, events and conferences

We do not place ads in the style of "how to make a million" or "signals for successful trading."

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Telegram promotion

Telegram is the largest crypto community at the moment. With the help of our services, we will be able to create a huge crypto-community of your project together, which will help you to collect additional investments for your ICO. We will create a hype in all crypto groups, your ICO will be at everyone's hearing. Our managers will organize support 24/7. Sounds interesting?

Providing services:

Providing active discussion means that members of each group will go through your project, visit website or join you Telegram group We have a list of 3000+ different crypto/ICO related groups in which we may create conversations about your project in various languages. Our editors create all scripts of conversation. They go through your website, WP and provide exclusive scripts for each group.

We organize a newsletter in private messages to each of your list of people, or send it to our investment base, which is more than 40 000 people (potential investors who have at least once invested in ICO). this is a great way to tell about yourself and your project, and most importantly – very fast.

If there is no time to wait and you want to get a result now – there is a solution, we will add an interested audience to your group with the help of "inviting" from our investment database of potential investors, or from other successful ICO groups (such as Binance, EOS, Bankex, INS and others)or from your groups that you provide yourself.

Also, many other "secrets" in finding potential investors, the development of your project in the telegram.


Bitcointalk promotion

There are more than 400 big Bitcointalk accounts at our disposal (status member+) and we can add positive messages and questions on forum in your thread. We create very positive wave on forum + your thread will be always on TOP of forum. It's one of the most successful type of advertising these days regarding popularity of Bitcointalk forum.

What you'll get

For implementation of this work experienced team of editors will go through your project, WP etc. and create comments for Bitcointalk thread (questions, answers, positive opinions about your ICO)

Above all

Your thread will always be on TOP.

Positive boost

15-20 pages of positive messages from big accounts every week.


Every 500 comments provide additional 10,000-12,000 or even more views on your thread.


Reddit promotion

We have more than 200 accounts on Reddit and using them we begin creating live communication on subreddit by adding new posts in the form of links to media / YouTube / social networks or issues that we ourselves start discussing. To increase activity, we also write comments to already existing posts: dialogues and questions to developers, responds to the real users to unfold communication. 

What you'll get

Due to this communication, the subreddit becomes more visible and credible for a potential investor.

This positively affects the brand, as people see a very active community. Some daily numerals of what we do:

Above all

On average 25-30 comments daily


Discussion on existing posts.

Positive boost

On average 2 new posts daily


5-7 well-qualified editors and community managers who will work on your project.


Linkedin, Quora, Medium and YouTube promotion

We have hundreds of accounts on LinkedIn, Quora, Medium and YouTube and use them to launch and conduct a full-scale advertising campaign for your project. We provide you our “mailing” technic, as it’s a very fast way to present your ICO to the target audience. Moreover, to raise the audience’s interest to the project we launch and constantly support live discussions of your project on LinkedIn.

What you'll get:

Direct communication:

Personal messages to targeted members and potential investors interested in ICOs;

Active discussions:

Thousands of new people will go through your project, visit your website and join your groups.

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Head of Sales
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Head of Investor Relations
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Head of Community department
Theodore Boyd
Chief Business Analyst
Dylan Cole
Head of Marketing
Spencer Bennett
Project Manager

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ICO Legal Counsel
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ICO Legal Counsel
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